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Plantation shutters provide the best solution to manage Sydney’s extreme heat and cold weather.

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This is the main reason why customers come to Plantations Shutters Online as we have professionally trained consultants who will help you choose the right shutters to ensure enough air flowing freely throughout your home and allow hot air to escape.

Our plantation shutters provide easy access to change the amount of air and light that enters into your property. Plantations Shutters Online plantation shutters comes in different shapes and sizes allowing every homeowner to own a unique shutter for their needs. There are just many styles that people can choose from and Plantations Shutters Online will help you choose the right shutter to manage the light and air flowing through your windows.


There are just many benefits that you can get when you choose to get Plantation Shutters from Plantations Shutters Online. One of the greatest benefits that you can get is being able to find a wide range of materials used for creating the shutters. Some of the materials include polymer and basswood.

Polymer Plantation Shutters

Considered as the most affordable option of shutters, vinyl shutters does not warp and does not require constant maintenance or refinishing.

These are considered to be the most economical solutions that are available for homeowners. Though it may not give the warmth and traditional look that wooden shutters offer, those made from polymer are great for those wanting to stick with their budget.

Polymer Plantation Shutters

Basswood Plantation Shutters

Some of the common woods used for shutters are basswood and popular. Although these are named hardwoods they have the unique features of being soft and light than other types of hardwoods like oak and maple.

There are certain problems that people may encounter with these woods and this is about the color of the wood and also the softness. To ensure rigidity, it should always come with additional reinforcing like extra stiles or rails. Being hardwoods, they will last for a very long time. Plantations Shutters Online offer up to 20 year warranty on our plantation shutter range.

Basswood Plantation Shutters

Other Hardwoods

Other kinds of hardwoods like maple are the ultimate choice of homeowners for their Plantation Shutters. Longevity and durability are features that these kinds of shutters have and its aesthetic appeal is also a bonus especially when it is painted or just stained. Furthermore, its natural grain pattern makes it a unique option for many homeowners.

Where to Get Quality Plantation Shutters, Sydney

When you are in the search for the best kinds of Plantation Shutters in Sydney you will not have to search further since Plantations Shutters Online offers a wide range of plantation shutters that suit your needs.

You can choose from Poly Resin, Basswood, Aluminum, Polymer and many more. As you choose to get the shutters from us, you will be provided with a vast choice of materials for the shutters that you want.

The samples of the items that Plantations Shutters Online offer can be seen with inside our Sydney showroom. Wide array of styles and designs for interior covering that can be customized for your doors and windows; this is unique to Plantations Shutters Online.

What makes Plantations Shutters Online more interesting is the fact that we offer one of the longest warranties that allows homeowners to have the peace of mind about the problems they may possibly encounter with the shutters.

When talking about styles and designs, Plantations Shutters Online takes pride in offering various styles that are suitable for different kinds of doors and windows.

Whatever shape or size that you want, you can be reassured Plantations Shutters Online can fit and install it perfectly to your window requirements.

Where to Get Quality Plantation Shutters, Sydney

Reasons Why You Should Pick The Plantation Shutters From Plantation Shutters Online

If you are in Sydney and need plantation shutters, Plantations Shutters Online should always be your number choice and here are a few reasons:

At Plantations Shutters Online, your plantation shutter quality is not compromised even if you choose to have the shutters customized just the way you want it or just the way your windows are shaped.

Offering Real World Plantation Shutters

Basswood is known to be a popular wood choice for shutter creation as it has a renewable resource, provided that proper hardwood forest management is guaranteed during harvesting.

This makes it possible for environmentally conscious homeowners to have peace of mind that the use of such wood does not provide any harm with the number of hardwoods in the forest.

Just like the alternative options to wood, the real wood options on your plantation shutters ordered through Plantations Shutters Online, comes with the customization services.

This makes it possible for homeowners to get the kind of shutter that they want for their homes. We offer more than 20 colors and stains that are sure to fit your preferences.

Furthermore, you will also love the fact that you will be using real wood in your home that is sure to bring the refreshing ambiance and also the coziness you want to install inside your home.

Offering Real World Plantation Shutters

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Plantations Shutters Online have many types of Plantation Shutters in Sydney that they can offer. If you think that your home or establishment needs a boost in its look, then adding plantation shutters will definitely bring a big change in its look.

It will not only give you the chance to enjoy fresh air and natural lighting but also give you the benefit of having a revitalised sharp looking window.

So, what are you waiting for?

Call Plantations Shutters Online and set your schedule to visit their showroom and get to know more of the shutters that they can offer. Or have a home demonstration come to you. When you are in the need of the best options for Plantation Shutters, Plantations Shutters Online offers the best quality, sound advice and largest selection in Sydney.

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What Are They?

Plantation Shutters or window shutters as what most people would call it are known as interior blinds that are traditionally created from the use of broad wooden slats that are mounted on a solid frame.

The entire design of these shutters promotes the free flow of air through the structure especially during during in warmer weather.

Many Sydney homeowners love the idea of installing plantation shutters for the fact that these are versatile, affordable and may also increase the value of your property. Furthermore, these are also considered as window fixtures that add value when you are selling your home.

One of the usual places where plantation shutters are installed is the kitchens. Whenever you decide to get shutters for your kitchen or other parts of your home, it is necessary that you will ask the supplier if it can be customized according to the size and type of your window.

Aside from kitchens that are also those homeowners who want to give their rooms some privacy and give it an elegant dim lighting. This allows homeowners to cut down on buying dimming light fixtures and makes use of natural lighting to achieve the ambiance that they want for the room.

Most of the time, homeowners would choose those with larger louver style to give it a more personalized look and just give it an interesting hint of style.

There are various kinds of shutters that are made to give people the ease of getting the use that they want. Some homeowners tend to get these shutters placed on their bathrooms and just make use of the natural light outside to light their bathroom.

To give it some privacy, the upper part will be kept open while the lower parts are kept in its place just to keep a certain level of privacy.